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SOP Flower is dedicated to bringing the highest quality, CBD rich hemp to our family, friends, and customers.

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Coffee Bean

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We specialize in boutique, hand crafted, small batch premium hemp flower. We operate out of rural Southern Oregon, where farming and sustainable agriculture has thrived for decades.

Our vision is a world powered and healed by hemp! It is such a versatile crop; we had no choice but to start growing it for the earth and for the people and animals in 2017. Since our vision is earth-centric, we grow for the benefit of all beings.

We start with the soil, building a rich network of microorganisms with compost teas, top dressing, and cover crops. When we know each layer of soil is nutritious and happy, we plant each seedling by hand with love and care. 

The plants drink pure water all season from the snowmelt from Mt. Ashland and the Siskiyou mountain range, periodically mixed with nutritional compost tea.

The beneficial insects and animals and winds in the fields create a safe environment for the plants to grow freely with no pests. When the flowers ripen in the early fall, we ask permission to harvest each plant by hand, and tell them thank you. 

They are then hung in the air and left to slow dry and cure, using only air circulation to preserve all the wonderful cannabinoids, terpenes, and colors inside each plant. When dry, each flower is processed with compassion  love and care and stored in a controlled environment until you order them to your door.

Registration number:

AG- 105 1022 IHG


 Our team is preparing for our third season growing these incredible CBD rich hemp plants. We are so grateful to work with the earth to grow such a beneficial medicine for all. We take on this mission with great enthusiasm and care. We love what we do and we love to spread it! Thank you for being a part of this beautiful mission!

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We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality CBD rich hemp.

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 W e grow for the people, from the people.


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Ashland, Oregon – USA